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Want to get the best legal service in Bangladesh? Then, the Legal Advice BD should be your ultimate destination. Being an all-in-one law firm in Dhaka, we provide all types of legal consultancy and Advocacy in Bangladesh. Just contact us and inform your legal issues, and we will be ready to provide you with a convenient legal solution.

Legal Advisor Advocate Nashir Ahmed Kushol
Best Law Firm in Dhaka

Why are We the bestlaw firm in Dhaka

Our law firm, legal Advice BD, consists of the best-practicing lawyers in Bangladesh in both the Judge and high court. Our barristers, advocates, associates, and researchers graduated from top law schools and have marked their legacy as expert lawyers. We have years of experience to deal with and advice accordingly on any legal disputes. 

Here, we offer easy, accessible assistance to our clients in the area of company incorporation, various returns at RJSC, Company Secretarial Works, Income Tax returns and monthly VAT return submission, property related issues, and are few other services.

Our firm maintains and offers a high standard of legal services irrespective of any discrimination towards our clients. Protection of the rights and interests of our clients is one of the main targets of our law firm.

Our Services

Whether it is a company matter at RJSC, your monthly VAT return submission, Income TAX return submission, any property-related issues, or, defending your rights at any Court, Legal Advice BD, is always ready to provide you with the best possible legal solution. However, in a nutshell, we have the following services to offer you as our valuable clients.

Company Lawyer


We deal with everything from forming a company to looking after companies’ VAT and TAX-related issues. Nowadays, every small and big business should have its own company lawyers whom they can rely on for every serious as well as minor issue. Hence, we bring you some of the best company lawyers in Bangladesh in our law firm. 

Our lawyers have many years of experience in company matter law. However, to some extent, we deal with the following corporate and company matters through our law firm:

Registering a new Company in Bangladesh.

RJSC Returns Drafting and Submission (Schedule X, Form XV, Form 117, Form XII, etc.)

Actively solving AGM – DVC Audit issues and help companies to do Statutory Audit in time.

Company Secretarial Works such as AGM, EGM, Share Transfer, Share Allotment, Change in Board, etc.

Monthly VAT (Value Added Tax) return submission and Yearly Income Tax return submission.

Assisting in establishing new business, joint venture, Startups, Business Expansion.

Providing Strategic Legal Advice in Company Affairs.

Representing Clients in Company Bench of Hon’ble High Court.


To keep you hassle-free from the complications of paying taxes and dealing with the procedures, Legal Advice BD is here to fulfill your needs! Our income tax lawyer in Bangladesh is unbeatable in terms of dealing the tax-related issues.

So you can be sure that we can provide you with the best service with the best lawyer in Dhaka. Here are the services we have to offer you on your tax matters

Guidance on income tax and Company tax

Tax return filing

Maintaining court procedure for tax-related cases

All kinds of dealing with NBR

Solving Income tax-related disputes

Turnover tax returns

Tax Lawyer
VAT Lawyer


Value Added Tax (VAT) is a general percentage-based tax that applies to goods and services at each stage of the production and circulation chain in Bangladesh. The government of BD introduced VAT on 10 July 1991. Since then, the government of Bangladesh has emphasized effectively mobilizing revenue from time to time.

As a leading law firm in Bangladesh, we have come up with experienced lawyers and VAT experts. Our lawyers have first-hand experience in VAT management and representing resident and non-resident entities in all matters relating to VAT in business transactions. 

Our VAT-related services are as follows:

Consultancy on Company VAT

Registration and getting BIN Number

Guidance ON Obtaining VAT Exemption

Monthly VAT Return Submission


In recent years, in the court arena, property-related cases have been filed more than in criminal cases. This scenario is actually enough to understand the importance of a good property lawyer in Bangladesh. So the necessity of an expert lawyer is undeniable.

However, Legal Advice BD is always ready to help you deal with your property-related issues. In fact, we are providing the best property and land lawyer to ensure your desired legal relief.

Here are the glims of the services that we offer our clients in terms of property-related issues:

Possession and title-related disputes

Legal Vetting

Partition cases

All-in-one solution for Land Registration

AC land cases, Judge Court cases, and High Court Cases

Cases related to the land survey

Khatiyan mutation

Consultancy regarding land buying and selling

Ownership-related issues

Property Lawyer
Business Setup Startup Lawyer


Navigating the complexities of starting a business in Bangladesh can be daunting. At Legal Advice BD, we simplify the process, providing comprehensive support for business setups, aiding startups in understanding regulatory requirements, and assisting both local and foreign investors with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) opportunities. Our seasoned team ensures that your business gets off the ground seamlessly, always compliant with local laws and positioned for success.


Facing legal challenges can be overwhelming, but with Legal Advice BD by your side, you’re never alone. Our esteemed litigation team is adept at representing clients across a range of disputes, ensuring that your rights are always protected. From civil to corporate matters, our attorneys bring a wealth of experience, strategic insights, and relentless dedication to every case, providing you with top-tier representation and peace of mind.

Litigation Services

Why Should you Choose usas Your Legal Support?

Choosing the right lawyer for your legal matters is the biggest challenge, no doubt.? The possibility of winning is quite influenced by your decision to choose the right lawyer. When it’s about services and expert lawyers, Legal Advice BD should be your first choice: Our clients is out top priority. 

However, for the following reasons, we should be your legal support partner:

Experienced Lawyers

Our team is comprised of experienced lawyers and experts in related laws. They also hold modern technology-based knowledge which makes us one step ahead of others.

Proper Legal Guidance

As a law firm, we always prioritizes your needs and carries a client-centric approach. We have experienced lawyers in different fields. We provide the best lawyers in Dhaka who can help you according to your problem, and you can have personalized legal guidance.

Good Approach

Legal Advice BD always try to show a helpful approach towards our clients so that the client feels safe and comfortable.

Constant Client Support

We give our clients an uninterrupted guidance to deal with their matters.

Prioritizing the Client

We prioritize the needs of our clients. We understand your situation and are determined to give you the best service in the country. Here you will have proper guidance to solve your litigation or any other issues.


Professionalism is our main motto. Clients can get the best services from us without any fear of scamming. We provide true advice to our clients and are dedicated to our profession.


What My Clients Say?

Starting a tech business in Bangladesh came with its set of legal challenges. Legal Advice BD, under the guidance of Advocate Nashir Ahmed Kushol, was instrumental in smoothing out the legal intricacies for us. Their expertise in business setup, especially for startups like ours, was invaluable. We deeply appreciate the dedication and professionalism shown by the entire team.
Ayesha Akhtar
CEO of DhakaTech Solutions
In our line of work, property disputes can often arise. Advocate Nashir Ahmed Kushol and his team at Legal Advice BD have consistently provided us with impeccable legal counsel, ensuring our interests are always protected. Their meticulous approach and understanding of property law are unparalleled in Dhaka.
Rafiqul Islam
Director at Dynamic
Customs and VAT regulations can be a complex maze, especially in the import business. Legal Advice BD's team, with their comprehensive knowledge and proactive approach, has been our guiding light. Their advice has been pivotal in ensuring our operations remain compliant and efficient. Highly recommended for businesses looking for top-tier legal support.
Tamanna Rahman
CFO, Bengal Importers Group
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