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In Bangladesh, many local and international businesses continue their journey in the competitive market. In such circumstances, people of various classes and professions need solutions for their legal problems. 

Starting from entrepreneurs to big business shots, everyone needs assistance to manage their business without any legal complications. Thus, this is where the importance of our firm, Legal Advice BD, comes into play.

We are a firm of some talented company lawyers in Bangladesh who can assure you trouble-free business in the present as well as the future. Here, we provide all kinds of legal assistance, and our company lawyers deal with all the problems and litigation that arise in the company’s affairs. 

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Company Lawyer

Why Do You Need anExperienced Company Lawyer?

A company lawyer is someone who deals with your daily company lawsuits, advises you on how to lead the company in a legal way, and also deals with the problems and litigation that arise in business affairs. More or less, every small and big business should have its own corporate lawyers whom they can rely on for every serious as well as minor issues. We bring you some of the best company lawyers in our firm. Our lawyers have all the qualities to go through your problems and, obviously, will solve them.

We have over 6 years of extensive legal expertise in Company affairs, Company Secretarial Works (Drafting Board Meetings, Annual general Meeting – AGM, Extra Ordinary General Meeting -EGM, etc.), Returns drafting & Submission at RJSC, Documentation for New Business Setup, Startups, Joint Ventures, and Foreign Investment.

We are proudly contributing to the corporate sector of Bangladesh, have successfully executed over 110 Company Incorporations, and ensured flawless submission of more than 300 returns (AGM, EGM, Share Transfer, Share Allotment, etc.) at RJSC.

What are the Roles ofa Company Lawyer?

Company lawyers basically deal with the legal affairs of a business or company and solve them. They have many crucial roles and responsibilities towards a company as they are hired as legal advisers or advocates. Hence, our company lawyers have years of experience to provide the best legal advice and solution of any types of company matters. 

Here are the most important roles that a company lawyer has to play:

Legal Advice

Businesses oftentimes need legal advice on their daily affairs. Company lawyers advise the owners on how to run the business in a legal way. They also give advice on various other matters, like business conflicts, reviewing deals, and others. We, Legal Advice BD, are ready to give legal advice on any company related matter for you.

Corporate Transactions

Company lawyers make sure that all the transactions in which the business is involved in its daily affairs are either done legally or not. Illegal transactions can be very serious in terms of fines. So choosing a company lawyer would be great in this case.

Contract Drafting and Review

If you have a business, then you might know how important contract drafting is! When there is a partnership agreement or any contract in business, there is a high need for a corporate lawyer. Our corporate lawyers are skilled enough to draft and negotiate all the contracts on behalf of the business owners.

Intellectual Property Protection

Day by day, in Bangladesh, the competition between businesses is rising. For this reason, there is a chance that someone might hamper your intellectual property. So, you need a company lawyer who provides valuable aid in protecting and registering trademark patents and copyrights for your business.

Dispute Resolution

One of the biggest problems when doing business in Bangladesh is legal disputes. If you hire a company lawyer, then you will have a very good way to come out of the problem. As our company lawyers are very skilled in solving disputes, they will be your best friend in this circumstance.

Taxation and Financial Compliance

The most crucial part of business operations is taxation. What company lawyers do is, they let you know a very secure way to save your money with proper planning. They will be responsible for all of the tax matters that have to be done in an accurate way so that the business owner gets the best tax experience.

How a Company isFormed in Bangladesh

Forming a company is very easy in Bangladesh. It has to go through some simple legal steps. Here are the legal steps on how a company can be formed in Bangladesh:

Name Clearance

The first step you need to do to form a company is finding a unique name for it. For this, you need to search for the availability of the name on RJSC. Then you can simply apply for the name clearance and wait for approval.


The second step that you have to go through is to appoint a minimum of two directors for the company. Any Bangladeshi or foreign national can be appointed as director.


In this case, you have to input how much capital are you going to invest in the company, determine the authorized capital, paid-up capital, and define what of them are shares and others.


If you have shareholders in your company, that can be individuals or entities, then you have to mention them at this point. Make sure that you provide all the shareholder's names with their correct and legally registered names.


Provide a registered office address for the company.


Lastly, what you need to do is to prepare the memorandum and articles of sessions where you have to describe all the company objectives, rules, and regulations.

Why RJSC Registrationis Important for Companies?

Registration at the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies (RJSC) is a very crucial part of the formation of a company. It is very important for companies to remain compatible with the RJSC laws to operate legally in Bangladesh. 

It deals with all the reports, financial statements, registration, and information about all the companies around the country. Moreover, it also issues certifications, ensures complaints, and approves new companies.

In Legal Advice BD, we have first-hand experience on RJSC laws, and they are also skilled in how to regulate the company with RJSC laws.

Here are some activities that RJSC does:

Formation of Companies

Tracking Companies Ownerships

Transfer of Shares and Allotment of Shares

Recording Annual summary of share capital and list of shareholders and Directors.

Regulation and Enforcement

Why Should You Choose UsAs Your Company Lawyer?

Choosing the right lawyer for your company is very important. If your lawyer can take you to the heights, he can also take you all the way down. So, as you can see, your choice is a fact.

It solely depends on you which law firm you choose, but here are some reasons why you should choose us:

Experienced Lawyers

If you choose our law firm, then we can assure you of one thing: we are experienced. Our company lawyers have real-field experience in their fields that you will never get a chance to place any objection!

Legal Solutions

Having problems in business is a very common thing, and that is why we are here. By approaching us, you can get a variety of solutions to your problems. We deal with many legal problems and litigations that arise in the company's affairs.

Efficiency in RJSC Law

As we have read about how important RJSC registration for a company is, we assure you that the best lawyers in our firm will help you in this process. Our lawyers are experienced in RJSC rules and regulations. Thus, by having us, you can save your time and minimize the risk of errors.


One of the biggest advantages that you can have by hiring us as your company lawyer is that you can relax and rely on us completely. We will be updating you regularly on every matter, and we will give our best legal support to you without breaking the bank.

Long-Term Partnership

We will serve you with our best lawyers not only once but for an entire lifetime. We always try to have the best experience with our clients and have a long-term partnership with them. We believe that your success is our success, and we will support you throughout your journey.

Continuing to do business in Bangladesh is becoming really competitive day by day. At this point in business, you really need a trusted company lawyer whom you can trust. So you have to hire a trusted company lawyer in Bangladesh.

You can easily hire a company lawyer from our legal firm. As you know, our company lawyers are very talented and have skills in various fields like company matter law, RJSC laws, different legal matters, mitigating race, and how to survive in a competitive field.

We will provide you with our best ones, ensuring you have your best experience with us.

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