Top 10 Law Firms In Bangladesh

Top 10 Law Firms In Bangladesh – Best Law Firm in Dhaka

Are you dealing with legal issues? Do you have no idea what you should do or who you should talk to? If you answered yes, you need Bangladesh’s best legal service.

To help you find the best, we have researched and talked with the best law firms in Bangladesh. From our research, we have narrowed your choice down to the top 10 law firms in Bangladesh that are known to provide all kinds of legal services. Please check out our list and find the law firm you think best suits you.

Legal Advice BD

+88 01711 349 444

Legal Advice BD, established in 2018, prides itself on delivering comprehensive and top-tier legal solutions tailored to individual client needs. Under the adept leadership of Managing Partner Advocate Nashir Ahmed Kushol, the firm embodies principles of justice, integrity, and unwavering commitment.

Advocate Kushol’s passion for the law and proactive approach to legal challenges have significantly shaped the firm’s legacy. This top-tier law firm offers diverse services, including property, income tax, business setup, startup assistance, FDI, and VAT & customs.

Specializing in litigation services, the firm ensures that clients are represented and understood to the highest degree, reflecting its commitment to excellence in every legal aspect. Since they value client success and practice the highest standards, we deem it one of Bangladesh’s top 10 law firms.


Contact: + 88 01714404050

BDLP stands out as one of the top 10 law firms in Bangladesh. Boasting a skilled team of lawyers and associates, BDLP is widely recognized for delivering a broad spectrum of legal services to its clients.

In Dhaka, BDLP is home to experienced law practitioners with a rich history of serving in the legal field for many years. This firm caters to the needs of both individuals and businesses, providing essential legal consultancy and litigation services. Notably, BDLP extends its support to clients from both local and international backgrounds.

Khan Legal Aid

Specializing in Intellectual Property and Technology, this boutique legal practice provides consultancy and legal aid to its valued clients. The core focus of Khan Legal Aid revolves around offering legal services for the safeguarding, enforcing, and utilizing Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Leveraging its extensive reputation and expertise in this specific legal domain, Khan Legal Aid undoubtedly secures a prominent position among the top 10 law firms in Bangladesh.

Jural Acuity

Contact: +8801707108000

Jural Acuity is recognized as a reputable law firm in Bangladesh. They specialize in corporate and foreign direct investments, business registration, and the incorporation of companies and partnerships.

Offering a spectrum of legal services, the firm extends valuable consultancy across diverse areas of the law. Founded initially as a partnership firm of IR Global, Jural Acuity has evolved into one of the top 10 law firms in Bangladesh.

Renowned for their professionalism, they operate at the highest level within their field, consistently providing expert legal support to their clientele.

The Twelve Tables

The Twelve Tables is a distinguished law firm housing seasoned lawyers and legal consultants in Bangladesh. They excel in meeting their clients ‘ needs by providing diverse legal services encompassing company matters, real estate, employment, and foreign investment. Operating across various fields of legal assistance, The Twelve Tables ensures easy accessibility for their clients. With an expert team of law consultants and qualified lawyers, they maintain their esteemed position as one of the top 10 law firms in Bangladesh.

OGR Legal

Contact: +880 9617 171 888

Established in 2013, OGR Legal is recognized for its innovative and practical business-centric approach. They deliver responsive and quality legal services to clients globally, spanning various legal areas.

Setting themselves apart with a philosophy of creating client value, OGR Legal provides a Resource Portal and regularly updates legal news through their Blog.

FM Associates

Contact: +8801819212002

FMA, also known as FM Associates, is a prominent law firm in the country, highly esteemed for its services and legal consultancy. Based in the capital, FMA operates as a full-service law firm, catering to various clients on various legal matters.

With a longstanding presence, FM Associates has consistently delivered exceptional performance, solidifying its reputation as a reliable and accomplished law firm.

Legacy Legal Corporate

Contact: 01715-062595

Legacy Legal Corporate, another notable law firm in the country, has efficiently provided legal services across various sectors. Legacy Legal Corporate boasts a team of lawyers with expertise ranging from maritime litigation to financial disputes.

They are capable of offering practical consultancy and solutions on diverse legal matters. Their expert team and competent services solidify Legacy Legal Corporate’s position as one of the top 10 law firms in Bangladesh.

Munshi & Associates

Contact: +88-02-223388826

Munshi & Associates is a respected legal firm in Bangladesh specializing in diverse legal aspects such as registration, litigation, trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

With a skilled team, they offer competent legal services and consultancy, earning them a place on our list for their professionalism and transparency.

Accord Chambers

Contact: +88 09678 167167

Accord Chambers prides itself on being a dependable partner, providing comprehensive legal solutions beyond traditional practices. Their client-focused approach extends to mainstream legal affairs, investments, transactions, and business strategies.

With a team of experienced lawyers, Accord Chambers is renowned for delivering practical and business-centric solutions.

How To Choose The Top Law Firm in Bangladesh?

How To Choose The Top Law Firm in Bangladesh

Choosing any of the top 10 law firms in Bangladesh is a big decision that can greatly impact your legal matters. To make the right choice, consider these five factors:


A law firm’s reputation is like its public image – it speaks volumes about its reliability and competence. And if you want to find the top 10 law firms in Bangladesh, look for ones with a solid reputation.

These firms should be known for handling cases effectively and achieving positive results. You can read online reviews and testimonials and ask for recommendations to gauge the firm’s standing in the legal community.


Different law firms specialize in various areas of the law. Choosing a firm that specializes in the type of case you are dealing with is essential. Whether it’s corporate law, family law, or criminal defense, a specialized firm will likely have the expertise and experience needed for your specific legal needs.

Client Reviews

Reviewing previous clients provides valuable insights into the firm’s overall performance. Pay attention to feedback about communication, reliability, and success in resolving legal matters. Positive reviews tell you you have picked the top 10 law firms in Bangladesh.


Effective communication and accessibility are crucial aspects of a successful attorney-client relationship. Opt for a law firm that prioritizes clear communication, quickly responds to your inquiries, and keeps you informed about the progress of your case. Approachability ensures that you feel supported and informed throughout the legal process.

Track Record

A law firm’s track record is a historical reflection of its capabilities. Investigate the firm’s history of handling cases similar to yours and achieving favorable outcomes. A strong track record indicates a firm’s ability to navigate legal complexities and deliver positive client results.


Now that you know the top 10 law firms in Bangladesh, you shouldn’t face any trouble solving your legal issues. Each law firm we picked today is well-known for providing the best legal advice on many topics.

Pick the one you believe best matches your needs from our list. If you are still having trouble finding a good law firm, use our guide to choose one. The factors we talked about are the main ones we should make our list.


Q. How do I choose the right law firm for my case?

To choose the right law firm, consider your case type, check reviews, and assess their expertise. Consult with attorneys to gauge their understanding and suitability for your case.

Q. Are the listed law firms suitable for international clients?

Yes, many listed law firms in Bangladesh handle international cases. They have English-proficient lawyers with expertise in international law.

Q. What types of legal services are given by these firms?

Our picks of law firms offer diverse legal services, including corporate law, criminal defense, family law, and commercial litigation. Check their specialization to match your needs.

Q. How do law firms stay competitive in Bangladesh?

Law firms stay competitive by staying updated on legal trends, employing skilled professionals, maintaining an online presence, and adapting to technological advancements.

Q. Are there any upcoming changes in the legal sector?

The legal sector, including Bangladesh, experiences changes due to technology, regulations, and client expectations. Stay informed through legal news and updates from reputable law firms.

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