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At Legal Advice BD, under the seasoned expertise of Advocate Nashir Ahmed Kushol, we specialize in facilitating the journey of setting up business in Bangladesh, a nation increasingly regarded as the next Asian tiger due to its dynamic economic growth and investment opportunities.

Our firm is committed to providing comprehensive legal services that cover every aspect of starting a business in Bangladesh, from initial registration to ongoing compliance and foreign direct investment (FDI). We ensure your venture is built on a firm legal foundation from the outset.

We have a good track record of successfully achieving client satisfaction which helps us to become one of the best law firms in the country.

Business Startup Lawyer Nashir Ahmed Kushol

Setting Up a Business inBangladesh

At Legal Advice BD, our team of highly qualified barristers, advocates, and legal experts from top law schools is dedicated to simplifying the process of setting up a business in Bangladesh. We offer accessible, expert legal support to both local and international entrepreneurs aiming to navigate the vibrant and growing Bangladesh market with ease. Trust us to be your guiding partner in establishing and flourishing your business in Bangladesh.

Business Formation and Structure

We offer expert advice on choosing the most appropriate business structure for Investors and startups in Bangladesh, considering liability, tax implications, and operational efficiency. Our services include the setup of sole proprietorships, joint-venture, partnerships, LLCs, or public limited companies, ensuring RJSC compliance.

Regulatory Compliance

When starting a business in Bangladesh, it's all about playing by the rules. Our team makes sure you get everything right from the start – from grabbing the right licenses and permits to following the specific rules for your type of business. We know the ins and outs of Bangladesh's regulations, so you can focus on building your business while we take care of the legal details.

Tax Advisory

Our tailored tax services aim to optimize your fiscal position while guaranteeing adherence to Bangladesh’s tax laws. From Income Tax to VAT and Customs, we offer strategic planning and compliance services for businesses, covering tax registration and filing to avert future liabilities and penalties.

Intellectual Property Protection

In the competitive market of Bangladesh, protecting your brand and innovations is key. We provide comprehensive intellectual property services, including trademark registration and copyright protection, to safeguard your business assets.

Employment Law

We cover all aspects of employment law, from drafting employment agreements to advising on labor laws, employee benefits, and dispute resolution, ensuring your HR policies are in line with local laws.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

We understand that robust contracts are crucial for business success in Bangladesh. Our services include meticulous contract drafting and review, ensuring your agreements are solid and legally sound.

Business Financing and Investments

For businesses looking at financing options or investment opportunities in Bangladesh, we offer legal advice on a variety of financing models, including venture capital, loans, and equity investments, ensuring transparent and compliant dealings.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Our firm provides specialized services to facilitate Foreign Direct Investment in Bangladesh, guiding international investors through the legal and regulatory framework of FDI. We assist with obtaining necessary approvals, ensuring compliance with local investment laws, and structuring investments to benefit from Bangladesh’s investment incentives.

Boast Your Growth WithForeign Direct Investment in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s economy is booming, offering great opportunities for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). With a strategic location, affordable workforce, and investor-friendly government policies, it’s an ideal place for global investors. Legal Advice BD, your top FDI facilitator and the best FDI lawyer in Bangladesh, is here to help you tap into this vibrant market.

The country’s young population and growing middle class make the market potential huge. The government supports FDI with incentives like tax exemptions and opportunities in key sectors. Bangladesh isn’t just a thriving domestic market; it’s also a gateway to South Asia, promising long-term success for foreign direct investment in Bangladesh. With Legal Advice BD, investing in Bangladesh’s growth story is easier and more rewarding.

Let us guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless investment process.

Our Services forForeign Investors

Under the leadership of Advocate Nashir Ahmed Kushol, our firm is committed to providing comprehensive legal and business services tailored to foreign companies and investors looking to enter and thrive in the Bangladeshi market. Our services are designed to streamline the process of establishing and operating your business in Bangladesh, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and success from the outset.

Business Formation

We offer comprehensive guidance on establishing various business entities (Private Limited Companies, Branch Offices, Liaison Offices) and ensure full compliance with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC).​

Visa and Work Permit Services

We manage the entire visa and work permit application process for foreign nationals, ensuring smooth entry and operation in Bangladesh, as per Department of Immigration & Passports and BIDA guidelines.​

BIDA Approval

We simplifies the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) approval process, assisting with document preparation, submission, and securing necessary approvals and incentives.​

Liaison Office Setup

For companies looking to explore the Bangladeshi market without immediate plans for direct business activities, we offer services to establish Liaison Offices, ensuring compliance with local regulations.​

Company Secretarial Services

Our company secretarial services are designed to ensure that your business remains compliant with all regulatory requirements set forth by the Bangladesh Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC). From corporate governance and compliance audits to board meeting management and statutory record-keeping, Legal Advice BD provides all secretarial support for businesses.

Tax-Free Zones Setup

Bangladesh offers several economic zones designed to attract foreign investment with lucrative incentives, including tax holidays and exemptions. We specialize in facilitating the establishment of foreign businesses in these tax-free zones, advising on the best strategies to maximize benefits and streamline operations in these economically advantageous areas.​

Virtual Address & Office

Our virtual address and office services provide foreign companies with a local presence, including business addresses, mail handling, and communication services, without the need for physical office space.​

Merger & Acquisition (M&A)

We specializes in facilitating merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions within Bangladesh's dynamic market. Our expert team offers strategic advice, due diligence, negotiation support, and legal compliance, ensuring a smooth M&A process for international and local businesses aiming to expand or consolidate in Bangladesh.​

Accounts and Audit

Through our partnerships with leading Audit and Accountancy firms in Bangladesh, we offers comprehensive accounts and audit services. We ensure your compliance with local accounting and tax standards, providing bookkeeping, financial reporting, and audit support, available virtually or on-site.​

Business Sourcing

Leverage our extensive network and market knowledge for sourcing products, partners, and services within Bangladesh. We provide valuable insights and connections to support your business needs.​

Your Gateway to ObtainingBusiness License in Bangladesh

Legal Advice BD is highly skilled at helping both local and foreign investors get their business licenses in Bangladesh. We know how things work here and have strong connections in many government offices, which really speeds things up. These connections mean we can make the process smoother and quicker for our clients, ensuring they meet all legal requirements easily. Our team is dedicated to making sure your business starts on the right foot, providing unmatched support every step of the way. For investors looking to launch or expand in Bangladesh, Legal Advice BD is your go-to for quick, reliable help with business licenses.

As a top legal firm, we provide services to get all types of certificates or licenses for business in Bangladesh. Our services are as follows:

Trade License

BIN (Business Identification Number) Registration

Partnership Firm Registration

eTIN (Tax Identification Number) Certificate

Foreign Company Registration

Export and import license / IRC and ERC

Liaison office Registration

Trademark, Copyright & Patent registration

Income Tax Certificate

Fire License

BIDA Registration

Any other business licenses.

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